eve and day..

{christmas 2010}
christms eve in our new jammies.
had a fun fondue dinner and watched the grinch.
christmas morning for jacob: new rims, wheels, and a tint job from santa. such a man thing to ask for. girls would never want or ask for something like that.
my suprise from santa: my mom got this cedar chest with a homemade quilt in it from her parents the christmas she turned 18. that was 28 years ago. its been moved from home to home but has started to look bad the past few years. i always knew i would be the one to inherit it but i didnt know it would be so soon!
it was filled with dishes, mixing bowls, cookbooks, an apron, fabric for a quilt, and all sorts of grown-up things. i was stoked beyond belief. cant wait to move it into my own home one day.
other highlights of christmas day: talking to josh for 2 hours and knowing that this was the last time we had to do that. being able to talk to ian for five minutes. short but sweet. seeing neighbors and friends in my awesome pajamas.
loved everything about this day.

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