getting back to normal..

viva las vegas
its been a long time since i had my best friends with me. they were spread out across the continents and have finally returned. it was so nice to escape for a night and just be with each other...
anna had been in ecuador for the past six months..so happy she is back. we had a few weeks before she moved to provo to play and it was the best!

these cute three boys have been on their missions and just got home. travis and macrae went to mexico and got home the same day. jake went to australia and got home in december.

we spent our time shopping, at california pizza kitchen, bowling, and of course laughing. there was lots and lots of laughing.

it was almost a perfect twenty four hours. i got my first ever ticket on the way home. 250 bones. i may or may not have been speeding a little bit...that put a little damper on the situation. but other than that it was exactly what i needed..so happy to have things getting back to normal.

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